Online Business Card Printing

instant Print quote Tool or OPMS? It's a saunders thing


Is it time to reprint your business cards, or do you need to print your first set? Here at Saunders Print, business card printing is our business. Although we now print other business stationery and marketing material, we started exclusively as business card printers.

There are three ways in which anyone can order business cards from Saunders Print.

1. If you already have a press-ready business card file, we offer an online print shop tool where you can find affordable business card prices and upload and order your own business card file online. The system will even point out any obvious pre-press errors. As Saunders is mostly a business card printing company, we thrive on automation, and this online print shop tool is our newest automation.

2. If you don't already have a business card art file and need our help creating one, you can email us here explaining what you're looking for and we'll come back to you to discuss your business cards printing needs.

3. The third option is what we're famous for. Here at Saunders Print we specialise in Online Print Management System (OPM System). Once an OPM System is set up by Saunders Print, it allows for easy online ordering through a custom build ordering website that doesn't require any specialised graphic design experience or software. It's fast, shows your quantity and prices options online and removes the need to have a graphic designer re-design a business card file for each staff member.


*Screen Example From Online Print Shop Tool




Gold Foil Business Cards
Yes, here at Saunders Print we still print and produce Traditional Gold Foil Business Cards. We now don't just print Gold Foil Business cards though, we actually letter-press 13 different foil colours!

What is "letter-press"? The traditional foiling process relies on a metal stamp being produced first that is then used to press out the gold foil onto the business card. The machine that does the pressing is called a letter-press.

Whereas Saunders Print was once considered the leading business card PMS and Gold Foil Business Card Shell Printer in Australia, shell printing is no longer common practice. What is Business Card Shell Printing? Business Card Shell Printing is the process of pre-producing and storing all elements of a business card that are static (not variable) and then taking those cards from storage when required to over-print the variable details like names, phone numbers and email addresses.

The new common practice in Foil Business Cards is Gang Printing. Instead of producing one metal stamp per card design and one person paying the entire cost of that stamp, the stamp can now cover 4 different customer needs and the cost is dived against the 4.

Our new Online Print Price Tool allows for gang printing art and gang printing one of 13 different metal foils.


What options do I need to select to print a Gold Foil Business Card?

If you want to order one of the foil business card options online, select "400gsm Delux Artboard" when nominating your stock and then the "Foil Front, Matt Cello Both Sides" option will appear in your finishing options. Once you select "Foil Front, Matt Cello Both Sides" a new drop-down box will appear with 13 different foil options.

*Here are your 13 Foil Colour Options