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Booklet Printing

Booklet printing can be a very important tool in a business's print arsenal. While some businesses, cafe's for example, need to print only loyalty cards, flyers and folded brochure, corporate business and large retailers often need to communicate more information than a folded brochure or flyer will allow for. Booklet printing, including annual report printing, magazine printing and catalogue printing, offers a business or company an opportunity to communicate a significant amount of information in an affordable, manageable and business-proven format.

Here at Saunders Print we're capable of full-colour, online booklet printing in all the standard sizes, including A4 booklet printing, A5 booklet printing, A6 booklet printing and DL booklet printing, from 4 to 200 pages and in a range of different paper stocks.

We also offer custom size and paper spec booklet printing for when our online booklet printing tool doesn't cover your booklet printing needs.

*Self-Cover Booklet Printing

While most booklets and magazines have a thinker cover than their internal pages, a self-cover booklet by definition has the same paper type for the cover as the internal pages. This is the default option in our online print shop tool.

**Separate Cover Booklets

Generally, most booklets and magazines have a heavier cover stock than their internal pages. This option is listed as "Booklet, Separate Cover" in our online print shop tool.




***Saddle Stitched Booklets

Also known as two staple bindings, traditional saddle stitching is two metal wire staples sewn through a booklets spine. Saddle Stitching is suitable for booklets from 8 pages to about 48, and because all staple need a folded spine to bind through, all saddle-stitched book documents need to be in 4-page increments. When setting up your saddle stitch book file for printing, create the PDF as a single string page document, not with double page spreads.

****Perfect Bound Booklets

Perfect binding, burst binding and PUR binding are all variations on "glue spine binding". Although they are all slightly different, they're all done through a similar process.
Perfect binding, burst binding and PUR binding all require a different art file set up to the saddle stitch binding above. Perfect binding, burst binding and PUR binding all require the internal pages to be set up as a single string PDF document and the cover to be set up as 2 Double Page Spreads + spine, outside cover + inside cover.

How wide should your spine be, you asked? When you enter your details into our online pricing tool, our system will automatically calculate and advise a spine width.

*****Matt and Gloss Celloglaze

What is a celloglaze and why should I consider it?
A celloglaze, or cello for short, is a thin, transparent plastic film in either matt or gloss that can be fused to the outside of a booklet cover for overall protection and better finish quality.
While celloglazing is used in business card production and other printed products, in booklet printing, celloglazing prevents book covers from cracking on the spine folds and adds an overall protection to a booklets outside cover. While a cello is not always required, it is recommended when your booklets are intended for more than a one-time use or when your cover material is 200gsm or heavier.