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Crop Marks and Bleed?

Why do print art file need crop marks and bleed? Essentially, your art file will need crop marks and bleed if you want to have your business card printing professionally printed by any printer in Australia.
Crop marks are used by the Guillotine Operator as a guide on where to trim a printed product to it's cut or final size. You might ask, "can't they just cut at the end of the art?" The answer to that would be "No". This brings us along to Bleed. Because there's always a tolerable allowance for movement in any printing press, your art file should extend at least 3mm over where you would expect the art file to end. This overhang of art is called the bleed. Your business card art file will need bleed just in case your card stock moves 2 or 3mm in any direction inside the printing press, or on the guillotine. The bleed will ensure that there will still be enough art area to create a 100% ink coverage on your finished business cards.

When setting up your business card art file in Adobe Illustrator or InDesign, you can export your busines card file with 2.3mm offset crop marks and 4mm bleed when saving your business card files as a PDF.


CMYK, or Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black, is the four process colours used and mixed in combination to achieve every other standard colour in the standard printing press.

Adobe Illustrator, Indesign OR CANVA

If you're a professional designer, you should be creating your business card card art file in Adobe Illustrator or InDesign. If you're not a professional, however, you can try create your business card art file in Canva.

Save your Business Card Art File as PDF

PDF stands for Portable Document Format and is the most complete printing format available for clients and printers today. Imagine a PDF file as a working-class man with a brief-case. The man brings with him everything he needs to get a job done. PDF files do the same thing, they bring with them their font, colour code, crop marks and etc.
Although PDF files can be exported by many programs, not all are design programs. That means while all good print files are PDF, not all PDF files are good to print. The difference will be the program that designed the PDF and how the PDF file was exported by the program. A general recommendation is to use Adobe Illustrator and Indesign for all your documents that might need printing. While we can take your word document and type-set that into a professional book file,