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Business Card OPM Systems

Saunders Print is THE corporate, online business card printing specialist since 1953.

In addition to offering a wide range of business card products, we also build Online Print Management Systems (OPM Systems), also known as Ordering Portals, for business and corporate clients.

A business card OPM System allows a customer to log in to their custom business card ordering website to see their prices, create business card proofs and order their business cards all online, and all with no graphic design experience required. The OPM System and the printed business cards are all client branded and design & print consistent.

How do we do that, you ask? We upload your business card InDesign file to our proven platform and create an ordering website around your needs. The OPM System can display different business card quantities at different prices, allows the user to enter the card holder's details into the variable fields, shows an on-screen business card proof and can send the order through for printing when you're ready.

OPM System Advantages

The OPM System can be logged into from anywhere at any time. Prices are quoted before the OPMS build, so there are no nasty surprises later on. All business card proofs and art files are propagated from a master InDesign file, so all your business cards will be colour, font and spatially consistent, and very importantly, a Saunders Print OPM System allows staff who have no design experience or specialised software, to prepare and order their business card files in minutes. That means no more graphic design costs no more losing the business card art files.

While we used to be known as the raised print, "verco" specialist, here at Saunders Print we've taken a step back to take three steps forward. Using modern gang-printing techniques, we're accomplishing amazing results at better prices than ever.