Commercial printing

Saunders Print has been in the print industry since 1953. We offer affordable, quality offset and digital printing, online print management systems (OPM system) and a public Web 2 Print solution that makes trade print prices to everyone. While our direction is automation, if you have a custom print enquiry, please send it through via email and we'll do everything we can to assist. After a conversation, we might even tell you that your business printing qualifies for an OPMS, an Online Print Management System.

online trade prices for everyone

You've read that right. Trade print prices for everyone. Here at Saunders Print we enjoy a very special place in the Australia printing industry; we're bringing trade print prices to everyone.

Offset Printing

Yes, we're offset printers, and the default setting in our online quote and print tool is offset. Offset printing, with its superior quality, becomes more cost-effective per unit with higher volume printing. When we combine offset printing with gang printing techniques and an affordable online print shop, it's easy to see how we can now make trade prices available to everyone.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is better suited to low volume than if offset. Where as offset printing starts at a higher cost and becomes more cost-effective per unit as you print more, digital printing has a lower minimum order cost and a consistent unit price with higher volume. If you're looking for low volume online printing, you can opt to change our online quote and print tool to digital printing.

Gang Printing

Where you might be familiar with the term offset printing and digital printing, those are both printing technologies. Gang printing, on the other hand, is a more cost-effective method of imposition. For example; the customer Dave wants 1000 A5 Flyers on 150gsm Satin. Where we could print 500 sheets of A4 paper, each with two impressions of Dave's flyer; gang printing takes 1000 pieces of A3 paper, that can fit eight peoples A5 artwork on one sheet, and then prints that sheet 1000 times. In the gang printing method, Dave still gets his 1000 A5 flyers, but sever other customers have also been served and the total price is now divided by eight. Here at Saunders Print we are offset and digital gang printers.

web 2 print

Our online quote & print tool wasn't designed for everyone. Here's Saunders Print our new company direction is automation. We can only achieve trade print prices online if we allow our automated system to do its job.


In addition to offering a wide range of business card products, we also build Online Print Management Systems (OPM Systems), also known as Ordering Portals, for business and corporate clients. A business card OPM System allows a customer to log in to their custom business card ordering website to see their prices, create business card proofs and order their business cards all online, and all with no graphic design experience required. The OPM System and the printed business cards are all client branded and design & print consistent